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I have a headcanon that whenever Carlos is upset at or embarrassed by Cecil, he only calls him by his middle name. Also Cecil is hella kinky and loves collars because who doesn’t love collars

This will be colored eventually. →


but!! after telling live on air how lonely he feels do you think people just started showing up at his home with the most ridiculous excuses? like john peters, you know, the farmer? just pops by for some salt and cecil is like “… you live on the other side of town”
or larry leroy, out on the…

Earl:We were close friends.
Cecil:Yes, we were!
Earl:Very, very close. Super duper close.
Earl:We were b--
Cecil:Best friends! close.
girl:babe come over
boy:I can't I'm having a threesome with an older couple
girl:my parents aren't home
boy:I know
themanwhodrewbones asked: The thing is, in this episode Cecil grasped and demonstrated the enormous power of storytelling - the power of the story itself as well as the teller. Herrera wants to paint, but everyone imagines he's a football player. But Cecil just told everyone in town that he wants to paint, and did so in a way that'd make them sympathetic to that idea, and now a lot of people will be imagining him painting. The influence of radio...



I bet in the next episode he’s mentioned he will be a painter

Cecil Palmer, acknowledging that it is okay to be sad, and comforting and wonderful to both give and receive support from others. (via nightvaliandragon)

Everyone was sad, and everything was perfect.


What she says: I’m fine

What she means: When is Carlos coming home from the desert otherworld? 

Don’t Forget


What doesn’t kill you will make you suspicious of everything and leave you thinking everything is out to kill you until you can no longer live a functional life and turn into a recluse.


In case anyone was wondering what’s up with the new episode


*SWEATS* this was not supposed to be so long I don’t know what happened I’M SORRY. I would like to say this is the sappiest thing I’ve ever drawn but that’s probably a lie. 

Anyway have a hastily drawn cecilos reunion because if the show won’t give me one I’ll do it myself gdi. Anticlimactic ‘lol let’s go to sleep’ ending because honestly I’m pretty sure that’s all I would want to do if I just stumbled out of sandy hell. 

(UHHHUH by the way if there’s anything other than ‘long post’ I can tag this with to avoid spamming everyone with the longest post of all time please let me know ._. I tried rearranging the photoset format but the resizing isn’t really cooperating with me so?)

(via nightvaliandragon)

Anonymous asked: I dunno if this has been done, but imagine a jealous Carlos after listening to the most recent broadcast, y'know, with Earl on the show and all.




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